Monday, February 14, 2011

the one I made

Finally I can show off the little quilt I made for Julie, for PQS5!
selvage pinwheel quilt for PQS5
For this quilt, I started out just by making some selvage rainbows. Then I trimmed them all down to the same width (4", 4 1/2", I can't remember for sure) and made half-square triangles with the selvages and some Kona crush.

I wanted to do something interesting with the quilting... I think I achieved that. The swirls weren't too difficult, it was the straight-ish line spiral in the colored triangles that was challenging to get right.

Here's a view of the back, another look at the quilting:
PQS5 quilting closeup
These swap quilts are a good chance to try out new patterns, or piecing ideas, or quilting ideas, without committing to something huge and super time consuming. :)

Hope you had a great Valentine's Day! The We Love Jenny auction will be open until 10 pm EST, Tuesday February 15. Please check it out, and help out if you can.


QuiltGypsy Mermaids said...

love the bright colors in this little quilt! Beautiful !!!

Anonymous said...

So very lovely, I love the quilting it is fantastic!

Candied Fabrics said...

LOVE this! You know, one of the things I miss most working only with my hand dyed fabric is that I have no selvedges to do all those cool things other people do with them! ;-)

That quilting is awesome!

Patrizia said...

Living in Ohio, the first quilt just makes it feel like summer! Beautiful!


Nanette Merrill said...

I really love it. Great job.

Tamar said...

This is fantastic! Thanks for showing the quilting on the back. I'm just getting ready to explore more variety in my quilting, but I'm never quite sure what to do.