Thursday, February 17, 2011

making pillows

I started these a long time ago...
neptune pillow, the dark one this is not weird in the top right corner even though it looks like it in the pic.
it's really straight in the top right corner, just not pressed super flat or something
And decided to work on them some more today. It wasn't what I was "supposed" to be working on, but I had fun and I like what I ended up with.
neptune pillow, the light one
A couple weeks ago I found and bought pillow inserts at Target, 2-packs for $3.48. They are 18" pillows and I had to change my plan from what it was however many months ago.

I realized one of the reasons I had put this on hold was that someone suggested I put solid color strips between the rows. I hadn't planned on that and for some reason I never bought the fabric to do that. I found that there were enough solid-ish fabrics in the honey bun to separate the rows and give the eye a calm place to rest.

All the blocks were done (and partly sewn into rows) for the light pillow; I put it together and then also made the dark one today too. I need batting before I can proceed :) so I will probably put these aside for a few days or maybe I'll go get batting tomorrow. Anybody have any suggestions for the quilting?

Also. It was over 70 degrees here today. My girl wanted to go out on the deck and see the neighbor's dogs and it was warm. Where 16 days ago it was under more than a foot of snow. Spring makes me happy. (It's going to snow again next week.) The snow pile that was nearly 8 feet tall in front of our house will probably be all the way gone tomorrow, yay!

I mopped the kitchen floor today, too. And dealt with my girl feeling crummy off and on throughout the day. What is up with a fever that comes and goes, and comes back again? I think she'll probably feel a lot better tomorrow.


manybooks said...

I really like these and the solid strips really add to it nicely.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Wow Vicki - I thought I was looking at my own photo when I came to your Neptune pillows! Did you see this on my blog last fall? -
What a great plan for Neptune jelly rolls!
I just did a meandering with navy thread.

Nancy said...

These look great, and what a deal on the pillow inserts. I've forgotten what a honeybun is... but you made excellent use of yours.

A.J.A. said...

Very nice! I see your point on the stripes, and I think they look great!

Anonymous said...

Love all the blue very pretty!