Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

My husband woke me up around 6 a.m. to let me know school was canceled. (He left early for work, that's why I got to get the news so early.) I had a good day with the kids--I spent some time being a star bit helper on Super Mario Galaxy 2, did some laundry and dishes, took the 2-year-old out in the snow, and shoveled some snow until a wonderful (teenage!) neighbor came over with a snowblower and finished the job. I love my neighborhood; I love my neighbors. We have a great crew on our street but usually don't see a lot of each other over the winter months. It was fun to see over a dozen kids and several moms out in the cul de sac today.

I got some good sewing time in too, while the kids had a movie event in the basement. We had 3 extras here and Lauren fell asleep leaning over on Ashley... so cute. I made 4 secret quilt blocks and finally finished my daughter's doll... why do I procrastinate things that only actually take a few minutes? Tomorrow I might tackle another procrastination project. It's going to be another snow day, but probably too cold to be out in it much.


Leslie said...

ahh a snow day is awesome...we are about to get a foot of snow here so maybe we will get one too!!! i love that you were able to get sewing done too!!!

Candied Fabrics said...

SNow days rock! Growing up, my parents were teachers in my town, and on a phone chain (remember those?), so those early morning calls when it had been snowing the night before were heaven! THey woke you up just enough to know you could roll over and go back to sleep!