Friday, January 28, 2011

Hat #2

I have 2 sick kiddos... we were up most of last night. One was croupy and not breathing very easily, the other has strep throat. They are feeling a bit better today and I'm hoping we all sleep better tonight!

I didn't sew today but I finished up hat #2. I changed the pattern a bit this time--knitted the earflaps and first few rows in garter stitch instead of stockinette and omitted the crochet around the edge. I had been feeling weighed down by a couple of UFOs I've been procrastinating, and I told myself I'd just work on one for 15 minutes. It turned out that it didn't take too much more time than that! :)
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Dielle said...

No fun to have sick kiddos! Hope they're doing better soon. Remember, if they're coughing a lot, dark chocolate is one of the best cough suppressants. Really!

Anonymous said...

Very cute hat. Poor kiddos hope you all sleep better tonight.