Thursday, January 06, 2011

13" quilt block diagrams and cutting measurements

diagrams and cutting measurements for 13" quilt blocks
I drew up these diagrams for my 13" (finished, they are 13.5" square until they are sewn to each other) quilt blocks with the measurements for cutting each square and strip. I thought I'd share them in case anyone else wants to make these same blocks. I'm planning on making 35 for a 65" x 91" twin size bed quilt. You could make 12 for a large-ish baby quilt, or 24 of them for a throw-size quilt. Um, these diagrams are probably not to scale. I might draw them up all fancy on the computer and make into a pdf if anyone's interested. Let me know what you think.

Edited to add--the bottom strip on the bottom left block should measure 2.5" x 13.5". Thanks for pointing that out, DL!


Anonymous said...

That would be so awesome of you to share your block designs! Can't wait to see the quilt progress.

Dielle said...

I was going to surprise you and do up the .pdf for you. But I got 3/4 of the way done and realized that one of your blocks is 9.5" instead of 13.5". Is that right?

Dielle said...

Actually, I think on that bottom left one, it's just the very bottom strip that should be 13.5.