Tuesday, June 08, 2010

summer's here

School has been out for just over 2 weeks now. Here's a list of some things that have been going on here:

*swimming lessons for my boys--they are taking 4 weeks of lessons this month. Today was rained out though.
*decluttering. I am off and on with this but doing pretty well. What is working right now is focusing on the number 50--put away or put in the donation bag or trash 50 items (total) from one room or area at a time.
*taking my toddler daughter to urgent care yesterday to get a bead out of her nose. Thrilling fun. The wait was about 4 1/2 hours and then it took about 10 seconds for the doctor to remove it. I'm so, so thankful to have had a friend offer to watch my boys so they didn't have to come, too.
*finding out today that apparently the computer we thought was broken for 2 months wasn't. Maybe I can post to the blog a little more often now.

*getting ready for Cub Scout day camp. I don't have a boy going this year and so I'm not going, but I'm a den leader and have been helping with the preparations for our little crew of crazy guys. Here's the flag I'm working on for them:
photo taken with my droid phone, color corrected (pretty close, not exactly right) in picnik
My den leader partner in crime, Megan, and I worked on this today. She provided the old jeans/fabric (originally her mom's). I'm working on adding the pack numbers at the bottom. I think it's going to look really cool once I wash it and the denim edges fray. 
*working on some swap potholders for this week's KC Modern Quilt Guild meeting. 
*working on a service project idea for the guild too
*listening to Cowboy Junkies--Pale Sun, Crescent Moon.


Jennifer S. said...

Love love love Cowboy Junkies!

Anonymous said...

Doh! THat must have hurt - "broken" computer not broken....oh well, at least it's back in service!

That Flag is awesome!

Leslie said...

you are a busy lady

Unknown said...

I also love Cowboy Junkies. We go way, way back. :)

The flag is great!

See ya Thurs!