Saturday, December 12, 2009

vintage felt stocking (mine from when I was a kid)

Inspired by this post over on Craft. Doesn't it sound so much cooler if I call it vintage? I think my mom probably made this (and similar stockings for my brother and sister) in 1976. The felt is really soft, it seems different from the craft felt available these days. This stocking was the perfect size for an orange to fit in the toe.

Also. There is a sweet giveaway opportunity over at Twiddletails. Five sets of 4 Wild Thyme fat quarters are up for grabs. Go look, it's cute!

Thanks to everyone who voted for my Wreath of Doves quilt. I have 44 votes now (up from only 4 when I posted yesterday!) and I'm 5th place in the small quilts category. If I can get up to 3rd place or higher, I'll win a prize. If you haven't yet, please go vote for me!


Rita @ Mochi Studios said...

Cute stocking and all the more special because your mom make it for you when you were a kid!! I voted for your beautiful Wreath of Doves quilt~! Still one of my absolute favs!

Elaine said...

Yes, Vicki, I did make it in 1976 for you and your brother and sister. As the years went by and we had more kids, I made more stockings, and then you made some corduroy ones with fur on the top. They were purple, blue and red corduroy - scraps from the sewing plant where I worked.