Tuesday, December 15, 2009

random stuff

Look what I found in my pincushion the other day. Cute, huh? I thought my 5-year-old made it, but I was informed that his older brother made it for me.

Here's a little ornament I made for my husband's friend, Mike Brown. The traditional drink at his annual holiday party is called Gators and I made this little guy based on the cartoon in the invite from Mike. The orange ribbon is in honor of Mike's favorite color. I was going to crop the photo but decided I needed to leave it so you can see half of the pop can angel and the scary baby Jesus hanging out there in the tree.


Natalia from Piece N Quilt said...

That little flower is so cute! :)

Anonymous said...

My little one loves making patterns in my pincushion too! I'll have to get a picture of the peanut baby Jesus ornament in toilet paper roll manger and post it! Your scary Jesus gives me strength! ;-)

Jenny Ward McDonald said...

Jesus doesn't look scary, he looks like he's surfing :) Cute stuff.