Monday, September 28, 2009

my monkey

I made a monkey for Craft Hope's 4th project. I was a little too close to the deadline, but I hope my monkey got there in time to go to the preschooler's burn camp. Here she is:

and a close-up of her face:

I also made a few 9-patches last week:

Isn't the "unmentionables" fabric cute? Sorry to be shocking if you're reading here and you're my father-in-law. :D

This week I am going to finish up two baby dresses and two Project Improv quilt bindings. And some other stuff, too. I have the backing fabric for my watercolor quilt! I have baby pirate costume fabric, also!


Becky said...

adorable monkey! Love it!

Dena said...

Your monkey is so cute. What will you do with your nine-patches? I like your fabric choices.

Anonymous said...

Very cute monkey someone is sure to love her:) Nice job on those nine patches!!