Monday, February 11, 2008

fabric cutting measurements for 3 sizes of scrappy log cabin blocks

For a 4-inch finished block:

center square 1 1/2 inches
logs 1 inch wide

For a 9-inch finished block (pictured above):

center square 3 1/2 inches
logs 1 1/2 inches wide

For a 12-inch finished block:

center square 3 1/2 inches
logs 2 inches wide

For all of these, I use one center square and then 3 rows of "log" strips, so a total of 12 log strips. There's a good tutorial for making these blocks at Melly and Me.


susan said...

your quilt is so pretty, i love the pink border too!!
i am making a log cabin right now, and i am using the smaller dimensions you mentioned, except mine are only 2.5 inches finished. but i only have eight colors plus the center square. maybe you should mention the number of fabrics used???

Vicki said...

Thanks, I'll edit the post with that info!