Sunday, February 24, 2008

better GReader

I use Google reader to keep up with the blogs and podcasts I like, and I get frustrated to no end by the ones that don't put the entire post in their feed. Dawn posted about Better GReader, which is available as a firefox add-on, and makes it so you can click the posts within Google reader and read the entire post. I installed it yesterday and it's great! Now I won't have to unsubscribe from the blogs that I wanted to read, thought had good information, but didn't allow their complete posts to be sent through the feedreader. This was the first time I've done anything to customize firefox, and it was easy!

In sewing news... I've been doing some custom sewing for a friend (I'll post photos of the cute pink and brown Redondo skirts when I get them done) and pondering doing something new and a bit different in the blogging arena. I think I'm ready to make the leap.

I'm going down to watch Moby Dick with the boys now. And thinking... how's that (the title back there) going to affect my search results?


Kristi said...

That is cool about the google reader option. I admit there have been several blogs I've dropped a subscription to because it doesn't show the whole post.