Tuesday, December 18, 2007

finished the quilt, now what?

I finished R's quilt yesterday in a mad rush because I wanted to send off my Utah packages. I got to the post office about 4:30 and it actually wasn't that bad. I'm feeling a bit of the overwhelmed, don't know what to work on next feeling. I have the tiny quilt I'm making for myself, there are 2 shirts cut out for my son, and I started decluttering my sewing bins yesterday. I could always clean and organize some more in the sewing room, too.

There are plenty of mistakes in this quilt but I'm not going to spell them out. Overall, I'm pretty happy with how it came out.


Kerry said...

Vicki, I really love the colors of this quilt! It looks great! Your nephew will love it! Or at least his mom will for now!

Anonymous said...

that is beautiful! I got some quilting things for Christmas this year and I came right to your site for some tips! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilt! I just love the colors you chose. Lucky nephew. :)

Amy, Dan and Ryan said...

R's Mommy does LOVE this quilt! It is awesome! Thanks again for all of your work on the amazing quilt.
It was so fun to see you all this week also.
R sure loves his cousins!