Monday, December 31, 2007

sewing for the New Year

I'm going to do a fun run tomorrow in approximately 20 degree weather. I've had this wicking fabric for a while and made it into a shirt today:

This was really weird fabric to sew. It stuck to itself and was really rolly. Using the self fabric for the binding wasn't a great idea, but it'll work for now.

We aren't really celebrating the New Year at our house. We got some Chinese fast food, which was mediocre. The kids watched Shrek 2 on tv. The 7-year-old is staying up, he thinks, until midnight. Last year we tricked him; we switched several clocks back an hour right after he saw the ball go down in New York--Eastern time. He still thinks he stayed up until midnight. He got up super early today, I really don't think he'll make it until midnight, but if he does, I don't know that we can pull off the deception again.


Anonymous said...

How'd the run go? Did you and the shirt hold up OK in the cold?

Nirinjan said...

I am laughing at you tricking your son about New Years last year. How'd it go this year?

Vicki said...

Jan--The run went well, but I'm really sore!

Niri--Oh man, he fell asleep right before 11, in front of the TV. I tried to wake him and couldn't. I took him up to his bed, tried to get him out of his jeans and failed. He came up to my room in the morning, furious at me for not waking him up. He was really sad and upset. I was proud of myself for not taking any of his feelings personally, but I felt really bad for him.

Kathy said...

Arden stayed up until 11:40 - longer than I did! Ryan was out a little after 10:00, despite his protestations that he'd be up to ring in the new year. Too funny to watch them both, sleepy-eyed and quieter by the minute, struggle to stay up :-) said...

Great shirt.

Happy New Year!