Thursday, August 16, 2007

What brings me joy?

Jessica over at kerflop is having a contest. Here's my entry:

What brings me joy?

Blessed time alone. Especially time in the morning, although I'm still working on executing this one more reliably. Even better, and even more rare, time alone in the morning after exercising.

Connected, peaceful time with my children and husband.

Chatting on the phone for a couple hours, or 10 minutes, with my best friend.

Making progress in my life. I'm running, I'm blogging about something useful and interesting (well I think so at least), my husband and I are making progress on our money communication and our debt reduction plan. I'm doing the grocery shopping and having fun being frugal (see for more info). Before I got this nasty cold I was making progress on daily decluttering and better home maintenance. (I'll be back on that one right away, I promise.)

Finishing projects brings me joy.

Wisely managing my time and commitments brings me joy. Another thing that I'm working on.

A good day at church, where nobody says anything off-the-wall or crazy, where a good, peaceful, spiritual feeling exists through all meetings, that brings me joy.

And since it's that time of year in my and my husband's extended families, new babies in the family bring me joy.