Tuesday, May 15, 2007

sewing slump

I am having a hard time with procrastination and, let's face it, laziness, about sewing. I'm needing to be working on some items for a swap with a friend and I'm having a hard time getting to work! The tote bag is done all except the handle. And it is a very cool bag so maybe I should just go make myself sew for 15 minutes and see how it goes. I even have the handle pinned, ready to go.

I also have some mending that I'm doing for a friend. Ugh. I should just go do it and be done with it.

Then also I am thinking about business sewing and how much if any of that I want to do anymore. It is hard work to sew for money and I'm leaning towards not wanting to put my energy into it, at least online. I think I do want to get some labels for my own kids' clothing and maybe sew a little bit for local friends.

Finally upcoming projects I want to make: *the gathered neckline Otto tee for myself. I even have the fabric, nice thick maroon rib. *Blue camo tees for my boys. *New pj tees for my younger boy. *The 10-gore skirt from Ottobre for myself. *4th of July woven camp shirts for the boys. *Nappy bag for the pool.


Kathy said...

Sewing for pay is HARD. That's part of why I finally closed down the sling business. I was my own sweat shop in the end, and it took all the joy out of sewing. I actually didn't sew at all for over a year after I closed doors and am finally doing some fun stuff now. Hobbies should be devoted to things you enjoy, at least to my mind now.