Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I just (finally) finished these jeans for my son who is now 7 (yay!). I am ready to buy a new sewing machine. My Wlamrat brother is just wimpy--for this at least--and the old Viking I use for heavier stuff like jeans hems has been not working well for that any more.

I'm intrigued by the Bernina BSR machine(s?) and might look into that. Depending on the price, that might be cool, especially if it can also handle garment sewing that occasionally gets a little on the heavy duty side.

They are from Ottobre design 03/05. I'm ready to take a break from sewing denim for a while and give my poor wimpy machines a rest.


Kerry said...

Vicki, I should let you try out my machine. I of course have no clue all the things it can do, being a beginner, but i was encouraged to get the most machine for my money, and since my MIL was pitching in I went ahead and got a pricier one. It is a Janome. I think it is cool, but again have no clue all the stuff it is capable of. You might be able to tell me.

Kathy said...

I have a Pfaff and absolutely love it. It's the most simple one they make, I think - the "Denim" model. I've sewn more denim slings on that thing than I can count, and it handles anything I can throw at it like buttah. Not cheap, though, but it's paid for itself many, many times over since I got it.