Friday, October 04, 2013

HSTs and Value

I made this pillow a couple weeks ago with half-square triangles cut from my PB&J layer cake. I was going for a zigzag look but the values in these fabrics didn't really work well for that. I still like the pillow though.

HST pillow 1 

So yesterday I decided to try again. This will be another pillow the same size as the first, but hopefully the design I am making with the triangles this time will show up better.
 HST pillow 2 in process

And if not, I am learning about value and how it works and how being limited to a fabric line can make a project like this a bit more challenging.


QuiltNut Creations said...

I love your pillow! And I have got to get my hands on some PB&J.

Candied Fabrics said...

When figuring out value, I find it very helpful (or dare I say invaluable??? groan...) to take a digital pic and then covert it to greyscale (sometimes you can do this right in the camera) it makes it a lot easier to figure out how "dark" or "light" a fabric actually is!

Elizabeth said...

Love your HST pillows. The colors are very pretty (even if the values don't make the pattern pop out). Nicely done!

xo -E