Saturday, June 15, 2013

This week's projects

I worked on some small projects this past week. It's been a nice break from making bigger quilts, but I'm gearing up to get back to that and finish 2 larger quilts really soon.

teacher gift zip pouch 
I made this zip pouch for my 3rd grader's teacher for an end of the year gift. We put a gift card and some dry erase markers in it. I've made a few of these bags, and I like using 5" charm squares for them.

And I got this Madrona Road scrap mini quilt top finished up. I started the improvised log cabin blocks a while back and decided to make them into something. 

madrona scrap quilt 
I wish I had realized the dark pink "L"s on the top and bottom were both facing the same direction, that's not something I would have kept, but I'm not going to change it now. I need to figure out a quilt back for it and it should be quick to quilt.

And here is a big log cabin block:

big log cabin 
It's the beginning of a quilt back. A (long) while back, my friend Jan asked me to quilt a quilt top she had, and I'm finally working on it. It's a traditional log cabin quilt with a lot of navy blue, and some pink, red, green, yellow, and orange. I need to press the top and then I'll show it here. 

And here's a frog my kids photographed earlier in the week:
She's a little tiny one.

I have one more cool finished project to share, that I haven't got a photo of yet. I'll get that done soon and hopefully be back with a quilt back to show, too. Hope you're having a good weekend!


Jodi said...

Nice! I always love log cabins. I didn't notice anything amiss with the pink Ls - they all look great. Do you have a longarm that you'll be quilting your friend's on? Thanks for the little froggy pic - I love frogs and turtles!