Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Bee Blocks

I've finished up my March blocks for do good stitches (because I'm doing all of them on time this year)

March believe block 1 
These were the easiest bee blocks ever. They are 12.5 inches, not small at all.
March believe block 2 

And I'm in charge for April so I have those ones done too. I'm requesting scrappy trip along blogs in red, yellow, and blue with your choice of neutrals (white, off white, tan, brown, whatever looks good). And an obviously dark or light strip down the center. 
April block 1 
 (Since I had to use that diagonal stripe in the above block, I decided green is ok too.)

April block 2


Cheri the Quilting Nanny said...

Was just wondering..on your scrap along do you deal with choosing the colors of the squares if you are only using scraps? I have a bucket full of 2,1/2 inches sqs..and plan on doing something like the scrap along, but...the sqs are literally just mish-mash of prints and colors. I was going to just sew them all together for a scrappy quilt, but is there a way to organize them better so the quilt doesn't look so junky scrappy? Your scrap along blocks have multiple colors/prints in a row..I might not have that many of each and then again if I you just sit one day and separate them into colors, matching or otherwise? Thanks for any tips!