Monday, January 07, 2013


I sewed this pettiskirt for my little girl in the evenings after bedtime in the last couple weeks before Christmas.


I followed this tutorial from the Girl, Inspired blog. Here are a few changes and other notes on the project.

*I bought my nylon chiffon from this website, and it was 54" wide, not 108" like the chiffon used in the tutorial. That was easy to adjust for.

*I made the waistband/yoke a little longer (maybe 4.5" or 5" instead of 3". I can't remember exactly.) I also changed the top tier of the skirt to 6.5" wide instead of 6". I wanted more of a size 4/5 skirt instead of a 3/4.

*I omitted the lining layer. I was in a hurry, and it was late! At least I finished it on the 23rd instead of Christmas Eve. I could still add a lining, but I probably won't. The skirt is fine without it.

*I got a generic ruffler foot from amazon and it worked pretty well. It didn't fit my machine perfectly, and it did occasionally make my needle screw come loose and then things would make loud clunking noises, but as long as I kept checking that and tightening it, it worked fine. 

*One other thing I would change, if I make another one, is to use matching thread. The tiers are stitched with white thread and then I serged the seams with pink. It's what I had, and this wasn't thought out very far in advance of when it needed to be done, but next time I think it will look better with matching thread.

Here's an action shot!
pettiskirt action shot


Anonymous said...

Wow, beautiful! What little girl wouldn't love this, so fabulous!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Very cute Vicki and I can tell she loves it!
I was thinking of ordering a ruffler for my machine sure would come in handy sewing for little girls.

Dielle said...

I think it looks wonderful! If anything, the thread adds just a little bit of contrast. I need a ruffler foot though! I made twirly dresses for the girls for Christmas and it took me forever to gather them!