Friday, November 02, 2012

October Round-up

Happy November! The last chunk of October was super busy here with a birthday girl and 3 Halloween celebrations.

I have a few things to share. I"ve been working on quilting my king size quilt:
Making a new "4" shirt for a new 4-year-old: (Also, I took extra pictures while I was making this; does anyone want a tutorial for this kind of reverse applique?)
And getting ready for Halloween. Skeleton shirt cutting templates are here.
And I made a pirate peasant top and skirt with patterns from Little Girls, Big Style. She performed a couple of dances in her costume at dance class earlier this week.
Here are all 3 kids in their costumes:
kids Halloween 2012
The hobo's sign says, "spent life savings on cardboard and marker, anything helps."

We had fun at an elementary school Halloween Bash last weekend, a church party with a carnival and trunk-or-treat on Tuesday, and regular trick-or-treating on Halloween. There is way too much candy here right now.

And finally, today I finished up my bee blocks for the Believe circle of do good stitches.
October bee block2
I made this pink one first and there are some value problems with it--some of the light pins are too close to the background fabrics so the pinwheels don't show up very well. I did a better job on the blue one.

October bee block1
If you'd like to make similar blocks, here's the tutorial: Wonky Pinwheel Block. (At the greenleaf goods blog.)

Next up: basting and quilting something quick (I hope!)


Candied Fabrics said...

What a cutie patootie your little one is! :-)

And quilting a king sized quilt on that machine - you are either a super hero or a masochist! ;-)