Friday, September 21, 2012

Beginning quilting group

I'm going to be teaching beginning quilting to some friends from church and we're going to start with a quilted plus pillow. I made up and quilted my sample over the last couple days:

plus pillow top
It's 16" square, and I still need to make it into a pillow. I quilted swirls and a few holly leaves inspired by the fabric. Here's a shot of the back so you can see the quilting a bit better:

holly leaf quilting

Speaking of pillows, my 12 year old boy made this creeper a couple weeks ago:

He's going to quilt it and make it into a pillow. It will be 20" finished (ok maybe a little smaller.) The creeper is from the game Minecraft, by the way. :)


Sonia B said...

Beautiful quilting, Vicki. And that's fun to get your son involved in the craft!

Carol said...

Your son did a FABULOUS job. I love to see kids sewing. I've been teaching kids classes for 10 years. It's wonderful.

Two Wednesdays said...

beautiful quilt - and I am going to "borrow" the creeper idea to sew a christmas gift for my son! (who is also 12)