Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My supernova quilt blocks and some other stuff

I've been planning out this quilt (mostly in my head) since February. Life has been busy though.... I finally got the Kona coal background fabric and some more bright-ish fabrics at the end of last week and here's what I've done so far:
4 supernova blocks
The tutorial for this project is located here: Supernova Quilt-Along by Freshly Pieced
It's very clearly explained and I've enjoyed making these four blocks. The main thing I do differently is I can't bear to cut the whole thing out and then sew. I did the first two blocks one at a time, and then cut and pieced #3 and 4 together. (I also don't press my seams open, to the side works fine for me.) They go together pretty quickly, too.

I am still figuring out the fabrics for the next group of blocks and plan on making two more today. 

I also decided to start making some more granny square blocks, for myself this time. I got three done while I was waiting for the supernova fabric to arrive:

Fun, huh? I have a bunch more 2.5" squares cut out for this, but I'm cutting them one color at a time. Still need to get to red and purple and gray.And regular blue.

Also I wanted to share one more thing. Back at the beginning of the year when I did the Focus on Free Motion Quilting series of blog posts, I had my friend Elizabeth (who blogs at Such and Sew and Sew) as one of my guest posters. After her blog post here, she created a tutorial for her free-motion quilted swirls and I wanted to share that with you guys, if you haven't already seen it. The free motion quilted swirl tutorial is here and Elizabeth's other tutorials can be found here. Thanks again, Elizabeth! and my apologies for not linking up to this earlier. 

Now I've got to go look at fabric and get ready to sew!


imquilternity said...

Gorgeous blocks! All of them. I want to make a "Granny Square" quilt one of these days...they bring back such good memories for me.

Elizabeth said...

Love your Granny squares! And your Supernova blocks are spectacular!

Also, don't worry about not linking to the tutorial sooner. I totally understand "busy."

Love what you've been up to!

xo -E

Erika Mulvenna said...

Fabulous, I love all of your blocks!

Sharon said...

Love those bright colors in your Supernova blocks. I think I may need to make some granny squares with all my little charms. I'm seeing them everywhere!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty!

Eileen said...

your supernova blocks are just gorgeous!! obviously, i love that block but i didn't do it in colors..just black and white (which i loved) will be happy to see it all done

Dawn said...

Those blocks are great! I'm loving a solid (not white) as a background. You have a great color sense. Pretty pretty!