Tuesday, November 22, 2011


One of the books I've found in my unpacking adventures is my copy of Natural Patchwork by Suzuko Koseki. I decided to try out the raw edge applique potholders. Even the binding is applied with raw edges, and I kind of thought that was a little bit wrong but wanted to try it out anyway. Also, I dropped one of my potholders in the oven the other day and it's a little melty-burned.
I used some of my moda twill tape, probably from a layer cake or other precut, for the hanging loops. Even though I never use hanging loops. They look cool though. Also I pieced together some batting scraps, two layers each, for these. It was fun to make something quick, and to use scraps too.

I found these rolls of binding scraps last night. I made the big roll when I was sorting through my fabric before the move, and I found the smaller one in my scrap bin last night. I think I need to make a super duper scrap quilt and use some of these scraps to bind it. Someday.
binding scraps
Today I'm working on a giant amount of laundry due to a certain 3 year old who's had crummies in her tummy. And also a couple of quilt bindings. One by hand, one will be done completely by machine. I hope it turns out ok!


Marissa said...

Very super cute pot holders! I like your idea for the binding, I never know what to do with my left over binding.

Audrie said...

I actually said "WANT" out loud.

I love Koseki's work... I sometimes just sit and flick through her books over and over again.

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