Friday, October 14, 2011

Progress (& my take on copyright)

I fixed my daughter's skirt, what do you think?

skirt redone  
A couple of people suggested that I just add to the length or let her wear leggings underneath...and that could have worked, but it was so short it didn't really cover her tushie very well anyway, (it did but it flipped up very easily) and also when I was putting the elastic in the first time it was clear how short that yoke section was going to be and I stitched really close to the edge of the casing fabric when I was putting the elastic in (I sew the elastic into a circle first and then sew the fabric down around it. No threading the elastic through here!) Anyway I was worried that it might not last through being washed. So. I cut the new yoke 6" wide and made sure I sewed a good 1/4" from the edge when I put the casing in this time. The skirt looks really good on my girl and will be less likely to flip up and show her bum (which will be wearing tights or leggings, but still). 

I've also made good progress on my hexagon project this week.
hexagon progress 
I am pretty much copying the layout from Alex's solids hexagon pillow. It won't take too much time to finish sewing this together, and then I'll need to decide if I need to make some partial flowers to go on the ends of the shorter rows. 

On a different note, this week Angela wrote a couple of blog posts about copyright as it pertains to quilt/craft designers. Very interesting. What she's saying, and I agree, is that pattern/tutorial writers don't have any legal right to dictate what can be done with finished products made from their patterns or tutorials. This is something that has been covered a lot on Sewing Mamas (where I used to spend a lot of my sewing-related internet time :) ) over the years, and the general consensus there (admittedly referring mainly to clothing designs) is that selling a pattern tracing or copy of a pattern is illegal, and selling items made from someone else's pattern is not against copyright law in the U.S.

Anyway, it's a big topic that can be expanded into the shady practice of cottage licensing, digitizing licensed characters, the use of licensed fabrics, and more. I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Mary Anne said...

Your hexies are looking great!

Naturally Carol said...

I like your solution to the flipping skirt problem and the white hexies in between the flowers is a good idea too and looks great. I was interested to read that selling something made from a bought pattern isn't illegal!

Vanessa said...

I always say..."Modest is hottest!" Ha! I'm gotta redo my funkytown pants I made for my boy. They sag too low and you can see too much diaper bum. PLUS, one of the seams slpit open, so I feel your pain about seam ripping, especially because they are lined pants!

Angela Nash said...

I don't know which I like less - fishing elastic or turning under in a circle. Hence the fact I hem only when forced at gun point. Wish it was easier!

Somebody mentioned 'you are buying a license' when buying a pattern...not sure they are correct. I will have to look into that. I have a feeling that is one of the justification arguments and not entirely accurate.

Elizabeth said...

Super cute skirt! Love it! What is the pattern #? It looks like something my super-picky-about-clothes daughter would wear.

Also, about the copyright thing, what you posted there is right on the mark. Quilt patterns are shared and re-made and passed on, and there really is nothing new. If you're selling your own pattern or design, you've made your profit on your work. You should allow the person who uses that pattern the same courtesy.

xo -E

Anonymous said...

My thought is, if you put it out on the internet, expect people to use it and do with it what they will. There was a woman to WENT TO TOWN about how upset she was about people making and selling these really cute sweater pumpkins. She claimed she came up with the idea and she deserved the credit and some payback when people made money off of what she designed. The truth is, there really are no new ideas, just improved ones.

Carla said...

I am loving the hexies! Look forward to seeing more.