Thursday, July 21, 2011

Machine Quilting Sampler

I finished up the quilting on this quilt today. I decided to have it be kind of a machine quilting sampler. There are 12 blocks, and within each block, each strip of fabric is quilted with a different design. I did repeat designs in different quilt blocks, though. I still need to bind it but wanted to show you some of the quilting:
machine quilting sampler 1
I really like how that feather turned out. I quilted it after watching some Karen McTavish videos.
The loopy zigzag (right below the feather) is repeated in probably every block in this quilt.

machine quilting sampler 2
Echo quilting around a bird. It isn't perfect, but that's ok.

machine quilting sampler 3
I am in love with this sort of fan quilting thing I did in the purple/pink strip above. I tried some loopy hearts up there too, should have done that one more than once.

machine quilting sampler 4
I did a kind of carnation filler in the center square of this block.

machine quilting sampler 5
This photo is a little more close up than the others, and you can see some less attractive quilting here too. That's ok... it's all part of the process. I learned a lot while quilting this quilt, my skills improved (you get better with every quilt you quilt, you know) and it was fun, too! I will probably do a sampler like this sometime again. 

Now I need to figure out what to do next. I will probably get going on some Farmer's Wife quilt blocks, and make the binding for this quilt. I have a baby quilt that I really ought to make soon as well. :) (My sister T is having her 2nd baby girl within the next month!)

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Anonymous said...

Love it! I really love it! Like they say practice makes perfect... and you gotta practice on something.

Sharon Pernes said...

What a wonderful quilt!

Sharon said...

I can tell you had fun with this. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Wow you have some amazing quilting going on in these squares, I would love to be brave enough to try something other then straight line quilting.

Katie Cannon said...

I love the echo quilting. It really looks good.

Lisa said...

I love the designs. Very creative.

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Regina Diniz Outeiro said...

This is a wonderful fun!
Love it!

Elizabeth said...

You did a really beautiful job! What a fun quilt!

xo -E