Wednesday, June 29, 2011

what I've been working on (and a quilting dilemma)

I finished something cute the other day:
L's 4th of July top and bow!
 This is the knotted top from Little Girls, Big Style in size 2. (affiliate link)  I used a couple of the DS Quilts fabrics from JoAnn, and the dot fabrics were others I had on hand. (The big red/white polka dot is from JA too, and I love it. The light blue is a mystery. I bought it in Utah a couple years ago but I don't have any other information on it.) I like this pattern; it turned out really cute, and if I make it again I will definitely make the shoulder straps significantly more narrow, or else make a pleat in them where they are attached to the bodice back. With the straps this wide, the back of the top doesn't lay really smoothly when my girl is wearing it, and making the straps narrower will look better in terms of scale on the smaller sizes.

And, my friend Ceresa made the adorable bow this afternoon. She makes fabulous bows and sells them at her etsy shop, Bowreesa. The bow she made matches the top perfectly!

I got some new quilting thread yesterday and decided to start quilting my vintage sheet quilt.
quilting part way done
I am just going to do a little at a time (we have some busy weeks coming up here) and take a kind of sampler approach to the free motion quilting.

I am kind of bummed out... because for a long time I really wanted an extension table for quilting on my Janome, and I quilted with the extension table attached for the first time last night and this morning... and it's not working for me. The fabric seems to be sticking to the extension table (or at least not sliding very freely), and I know that can be corrected if I buy one of those slider things I've heard about, but the problem is that the extension table I got extends in front of the needle area of my machine and I have to hold my hands, arms, and shoulders higher in order to manipulate the quilt. And it hurts. So I need to figure out a solution to this somehow. Maybe see if there is an extension table that doesn't go in front of the machine, or at least not as far. Or find out about getting a higher chair (a lower table isn't really going to happen any time soon I'm afraid.)

I will probably do some more quilting tomorrow; we'll see if I can make any changes in my approach that will solve my problem!


Anonymous said...

Let us know if you perches a higher chair and where you find it, I have a similar problem when I sew on my Janome as it is a bit higher then normal and I am quite short.

Unknown said...

I use a bar stool at my table. I'm short anyways and it gives me a higher vantage point to see & maneuver.

Also, at Bernina, Jaime sells something in an aerosol bottle that makes a slick surface wherever it is applied. You can spray your extension table and it might slide around easier. Doesn't damage the fabric. I don't have any yet, but it's on my short list of supplies to buy.

I love your approach on quilting a bit of your quilt at a time. Might try that with a vintage sheet top I'm working on. I need to sandwich it, but I never seem to get around to that part... Looks great!

Eileen said...

Vicki, I too was excited to use the extension table with my machine...a brother innovis, but had the same problem. My shoulders are pretty sensitive anyway and it just about killed me off! I have a slidy pad and love it but just use it on the bed of my machine and use gloves. Even so, I can't do very large pieces. Dl has one of those tables but don't know if she's used it. Maybe if you sat in a higher chair so you're more even with the table? Wonder if there's some spray that would make things slide better...spray starch? Good luck

Jane said...

I got one of the sliders but wasn't that impressed with it. My machine is recessed in the Gidget 1 table so I have a flat surface. Then I covered the whole table in front, behind and to the left of the needle with clear vinyl and it is very slippery now. It helped.

Anonymous said...

try sitting on a really thick piece of foam (or two extra pillows) and see if that will raise you enough to relax your shoulders.

Mary Abreu said...

Love how the top turned out! If you go to the C&T Publishing site, you'll find the correct cutting measurements for the straps. Or you can use the given measurements and follow the folded strap instructions instead. I hope you enjoy the book!

MICHELLE said...

Cute top but I really LOVE the vintage sheet quilt top. I love all of the colours in it!

Nanette Merrill said...

Love love the quilt. The quilting looks great. And the dress is super darling.

AlaskaBerninaGirl said...

I got an extension also and too hated it at first, made me hurt all over to use it... but I kept at it, the quilting gloves really helped a lot. Recently I read in an Australian quilting magazine about a Teflon sheet you can buy to put over your table and over your machine that is just for this purpose. I am going to look for it this weekend online and buy one. I used to use a a spray silicone on my cone yarn to make it run through the knitting machine eisier, it was for fabric and bet it would also work. Someone's post ahead of mine made me think of that, thanks!!!