Monday, December 06, 2010


barn bag
I started this bag a few months ago... then it got set aside, for no reason really. I have been itching to knit hats for my boys so I decided I needed to finish up the bag. (Pattern info--it's called the barn bag and you can find it on ravelry or here.) It's small and doesn't really take months to make, if you don't have project ADD like I sometimes do.

My son wants one of those hats with the hanging down tassels on the sides. (I still secretly want to make them fish hats. Holy crow the fish hat has its own website now, check it out, soo funny.) Anyway the yarn he liked is the super chunky Thick and Quick Woolease by Lion Brand and I started the hat (orange and black) last week. I need to go get size 13 dpns tomorrow and should be able to finish the hat really soon! I love how fast this fat yarn knits up!

In quilting news, today I got the shirt quilt (scroll down at this link to see the quilt top) pin basted and the quilting is underway. I'm doing a big stipple stitch and hope to have the quilting done in the next 2 days or so.


MICHELLE said...

Cute bag! I love the look of the big chunky yarn.

kristin said...

Vicki! I didn't know you were on Ravelry. What's your user name?

Dena said...

Cute little bag. What are you going to use it for?