Monday, October 26, 2009

Mini Quilt Monday! -- Halloween Doll Quilt

Here's my quilt for the fall doll quilt swap. It is on its way to Crys. I already got my fall quilt from Kelli, isn't it great?

FYI, the witch pattern I used here is from the October 1998 issue of McCall's Quilting.

And, the back:

The ghosts hanging on the clothesline are from JoAnn's, 2 years ago. So are the skeletons.

The little square-in-a-square blocks are inspired by Sarah at House of Krom. She makes lots of awesome things!


Anonymous said...

It arrived today and I love it so much! Thanks a lot!

Nanette Merrill said...

So incredibly cute. The fabric and everything - just love it.

Anonymous said...

That is sooo cute!!!

Army Wife Quilter said...

way too cute

Army Wife Quilter said...

Wow! So cute I love halloween wall hangs. I have well over 20 in my house and when they come down in 2 days my house looks bare again until christmas.