Monday, August 03, 2009

Open Source Quilting

All right, I want to try something with the Simple Squares quilt pattern and I need your help. I'm calling it Open Source Quilting, and what I mean by that is that you can use the Simple Squares quilt block patterns, and the quilt layout patterns that will be here eventually, to make things for sale, or to give away, or for whatever you want.

The part about needing your help? I'd like to invite anyone who's interested to design quilt blocks or quilt layouts using the block patterns here, and create tutorials (or diagrams or instructions in whatever way works for you) to share. For example, you might decide to make the existing block patterns in a different size--great! Figure out the measurements, make a tutorial, and send me the link. Or you might have an idea for a new Simple Squares quilt block to add to the collection. Please share!

Another thing I am planning to add, and hoping that others will also want to contribute, are quilt layouts (patterns) with fabric requirements included. I am planning on adding sashing instructions so the pattern for the original blue and green baby quilt using Simple Squares blocks will be complete. I've also figured out a layout for my Christmas Simple Squares quilt and will eventually post fabric requirements and instructions for that project too. And, yesterday I drew out a twin-size quilt for my 5-year-old using these blocks (I'm going to use Goodnight Monkey fabric) and will share that project with you too.

So... what do you think? Any questions? Eventually I'd like to have a long list of Simple Squares blocks and projects in the sidebar. I'm going to make a few more blocks for my Christmas quilt now, talk to you later!


Leslie said...

this is such an awesome idea and genreous of you to let others use the pattern in those ways. I wish i was clever at making patterns or tutorials

Libby said...

Love the idea...I will be watching this site.

Nanette Merrill said...

Great idea. Love the idea of open source. Good to name it like the software! Smart.