Sunday, July 26, 2009

a few things I made

These are from Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. Made from a cute sheet I got at goodwill a while back. The pants are so, so comfy. The bloomers need leg elastic, I found a good deal on a 144 yard roll (that ought to be enough), so as soon as that comes, they'll finish up quick.

A few 9-patches. I'm not exactly following AmandaJean's quiltalong, but eventually will make something inspired by this. I made 6 more of these after taking this picture.

This is baby L and the quilt I received from Katie for the doll quilt swap. I really like all that pink and green. And the strips and straight line quilting. And that dotty binding.
:) I have a busy week ahead but hope to post about a few other things I've finished in the next couple days. I have another quilt block tutorial photographed, too.


Audrie said...

Baby L is so squishable!! Those cheeks are just amazing :) I was thinking of making PJ pants when the weather gets cooler hehe

Samina said...

Those pj's look so cute and comfortable, and Baby L is just adorable.

Dielle said...

Those pj's look so comfy and cute! Buying elastic in bulk like that is a fabulous idea. I always seem to run out at a critical moment, well after the shops have closed.

Dena said...

Baby L is absolutely adorable and the quilt isn't back either.

Terri said...

You have the most precious adorable baby on this earth! I think you should post more pictures of her--every day.
What lucky grandparents she must have.

Krista said...

I agree. She is the most adorable, beautiful little girl on the planet!!! You should post pictures of her everyday!!!! :) :)