Monday, June 15, 2009

last week's projects

Last week I made shorts for J, finished up a pay it forward gift for my friend Jan, and made the flag for Cub Scout day camp.

The shorts pattern is from Ottobre Design 3/2007 and they run really large. I made them in size 92 and they fit J, who's almost 5, with plenty of growing room. 92 is supposed to be somewhere around a size 3, by the way. Anyway I really like them and since they are made from lightweight twill, my poor wimpy machine was able to sew them just fine. I added elastic in the waistband, just thought that would make sense.

Here's a little kitchen towel all spruced up with some Moda Snippets charm pack goodness. And coasters, front and back. Also made from the Snippets charms. This was my first finished gift for a little pay it forward swap I signed up for on Facebook a while back. Four more to go!

And here's the pack flag for day camp. This was fun to make. I couldn't find my fusible stuff so I just pinned and it went together ok anyway. Then I figured doing the fusing would have taken a lot longer with all the added steps. The background fabric is black denim. You can see the back of the flag if you click through to my flickr page.

I took some pictures for a little quilt block tutorialtoday. I will be working on getting that ready to share in the next day or two. And I'm thinking about hand sewing projects for our vacation. I'm not sure what to do yet, any suggestions?


RosaMarĂ­a said...

i love those coasters!!!

Dena said...

great job on the Pay It Forward gift. I love the retro look.

jacquie said...

the shorts are darling. i love that snippets sweet. hope your trip/vacation is going great!

Unknown said...

I know I'm way late for this, but I can't find a tutorial anywhere online for the shorts from the ottobre 3/2007 issue like you made for your boys. I modified the pattern yesterday and made my son long pants, and it looks pretty great from the front, but those back pockets look awful! You wouldn't happen to have a tutorial on how to do them, would you? Or have any advice at all? lol. Thanks in advance. :)

Vicki said...

Kellie, you are a no-reply blogger so I hope you see this. Cut a lightweight cardboard template with the curve you need for the finished pocket. Sew some gathering stitches (one row is fine) within the seam allowance of the pocket. Pull the gathering thread to gather up the seam allowance and fit the curve to the cardboard, and press it with the cardboard in place. Then you can just stitch the pocket on the pants back pieces. (Hem the pocket top first!)

Let me know if this helps!

Unknown said...

AWESOME!!! Thanks you SO much!! I'm going to try another pair next week, so I'll definitely use this little trick! I normally work with knits sewing children's clothing, but quilting was my first love and what sparked my passion for sewing. Unfortunately, I don't get to use that creative outlet much anymore. My brand new blog is I'd love if you could check it out. I'll definitely let you know how your tip works out for me. :)