Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lavender love and what's in progress

Lorilee gave me a cute blanket to make something for the baby and here's what I came up with:

It is the cross front tee from Ottobre 3/2004, the first issue I bought when I saw the awesome boy patterns they had. My oldest was only 4 at the time. The smallest size for this pattern is 62 and it's still pretty big on my girl but that's ok. The pants here are from Ottobre 4/2004, a great basics and costumes issue. I made size 56; baby's got short legs and these are still plenty big on her.

I had enough to make a shirt for Lorilee's girl too:

She's in size 80. I got a kick out of making those double layer sleeves. And the appliques, too.

I've been working on my secret quilt project, and am getting closer to being able to put it all together. I also cut out a pair of jeans for my oldest boy. (My 4 year old refuses to wear jeans. He wants me to make him a vest though. And arm warmers.)

I have been reading some Kaffe Fassett books from the library and getting some inspiration. I am thinking of using my stack of reds and blues to make some other types of blocks to go with the churn dashes I've finished and make some kind of sampler-y type quilt. I'm going to need more reds.

There are at least 3 springy baby dresses that I want to make. And I bought 3 Simplicity patterns at the sale yesterday for making skirts and tops for myself. Too bad I left my coupons at home. I'm still not used to all the prep and stress that goes into doing an outing with 3 kids.

What have you been working on?