Monday, January 21, 2008

Fluffy, ruffly, outfit.

My niece just turned 6. I think she's going to like this. Just about a year after I made a similar outfit, I finally got hers finished. This is the Redondo skirt with flounces in between each panel, and the Hermosa shirt. Both patterns are by Studio Tantrum, which has cute and interesting and fluffy, ruffly, flouncy girl patterns. I get mine at Sewzanne's Fabrics.

J is requesting underwear. He is dragging around the fabric he wants it made from. I'm going to do that (have to trace a new pattern size) and then get out my infamous insane quilt project. I'm going to finish it this time, really.


Kerry said...

I think this is the CUTEST little outfit! You are amazing! You do such good work. I know your niece will LOVE it!What little girl wouldn't love it?

Anonymous said...

Kerry is right's adorable! My Mary would have twirled in that for hours when she was little.

And I took a look at the "insane quilt." Why has it been hard to finish?