Monday, May 01, 2006

biz sewing

Well I'm investigating and dabbling a bit in eBay boutique sewing and a lot of the froofiness isn't my bag. Even on boys' clothes. I'm going to keep doing it some and see how it goes. I'm also thinking about setting up a store on etsy. It's a bummer that the sewingmamas shoppes aren't doing all that well. Of course we could advertise them a bit more I suppose.

I have 2 eBay sets I need to finish up this week and then I'm going to make a little 4th of July tote bag for another launch I'm guest designing for. I also cut out July 4th camp shirts for my boys and might post that on eBay too as a custom but I have to decide if I'll make a hat or something to go with it. For now I'm not up to making it into a whole set.

I have a summery skirt for myself cut out and I need to make short sleeve tees for myself too.