Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Fresh Start

I've been thinking of starting a new catchall blog to write about my whole life but still haven't come up with the perfect name. So for now I'm doing a sewing blog and we'll see how that goes. Of course I can write about whatever I want but I always seem to need to write about my sewing.

So, here is one of my latest projects--shirts and unders for my boys. One of the shirts is an extra and is for sale at my little shoppe at Sewing Mamas Shoppes. How's that for a little spam.

Current projects I'm working on include more stripey shirts and unders for the boys, and a pair of shorts for my newest endeavor, sewing for eBay. I'll have my first auctions up in just a few days. I'm nervous about it but I just need to go for it.

I made a bedskirt yesterday. It isn't perfect but it's a much better look than my turquoise box springs hanging all out.

I also have 3 pair of shorts for my older son cut out and birthday sewing for him in the works that includes an apron, chef hat, and football-themed pj shorts for him and his best friend.