Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Japanese X and + blocks

I've wanted to make an x plus quilt for quite a while and I started making my blocks last week. So far I've finished eight of them.

xplus blocks 1-4

xplus blocks5-8 
I've used a lot of red and yellow so far, and no orange at all. I have a 2009 inspired Brown block coming up soon. (Remember when that was the popular quilting neutral??)

I am following the tutorial (and original measurements) on Badskirt Amy's blog. I made a couple of these blocks for a bee in a larger size, but I like the 8" block better.

Also, I started a Pinterest board with my favorite x + quilts/projects, if you want to check that out.

My parents have been visiting for the past several days and we went north and spent some perfect time at a beach and went on a whale-watching tour. We went over to Pike Place Market with them yesterday and it was a lot of fun. (They ate their first gyro sandwiches, yum.) I am enjoying this summer a lot more than last year when I was having the summer of pain after breaking my finger. Mom and I are going to do a fun little project; I am breaking out the Go! Baby to cut some tumblers....


  1. Lovely blocks, Vicki. I think my favorite is the lower right one with the red and aqua. This is a project I'd still love to tackle.

  2. Pretty block. I chose those this month for my bee blocks - all in pinks. I'm very happy with what I'm getting. How big will yours be?

  3. I love them. They are awesome.

  4. Loving these! What pretty fabric choices.

    xo -E


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