Friday, June 15, 2012

Pink/Grey Skirt Sew &Tell

I'm so excited to have something finished to share at Amy's Sew & Tell today!

Yesterday I was quilting and I needed a break (sometimes my wrists hurt, I need to work on better ergonomics) so I decided to sew up a little skirt for my girl.
my girl wearing her new skirt 
I bought the DS Quilts plaid and dot fabrics a while back and it was finally time to sew it up. I just love the plaid fabric, it's perfect for my pink-loving girl. 

I used a pattern from the book "Little Girls, Big Style" and modified it a bit by adding the band at the hem and lengthening the yoke about an inch. Next time I think I'll have to make her a size 4. 

Sometimes I love quick projects; the feeling of finishing something is a good one.

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