Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Starts and Finishes

I'll start with a finish:
finished charity quilt
9 year old (yes it's true, sadly) UFO, finally complete. I'm going to send this one to Bumble Beans Basics.
I've also finished some other projects that need to wait before they get their turn on the blog.

And I spent some time picking out fabrics for a new quilt. Because I want to.
(Wish I had better light! I might have to start taking more photos outside.)
I'm planning on making another circle quilt.
This one will be bigger, I'm thinking 60x80 inches. 48 quarter circle blocks that are 10" square finished. I had a wider assortment of colors picked out at first and decided to try out a primary color scheme this time. I don't have very many blue fabrics. I am going to make my templates for this one right away.

And I picked these out for a quick little secret (for now) project: 
orange and grey fabrics
 What are you working on? Do you have any secret (or not) holiday projects you're making this year? 


  1. Too many UFOs to mention - and I found a 12year old one only the other day: shamefully only about half a day from completion!

  2. You see? They do finally get finished. And, in this case, donated. Good for you!


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