Thursday, November 10, 2011

I finished up this quilt top yesterday afternoon and made it outside with my oldest to take a couple pics in better light:
recess quilt top 
Overall I really like it. I bought this fabric because it reminded me of my Grandma Taylor, and these colors still make me think of her. (I think this is about a 2-year-old UFO.) That outer border was frustrating to make, and it has some mistakes, in part due to seam allowance consistency problems caused by the pinked edges of the precut fabric. I think if I make something with little fiddly squares again, I will trim the pinked edge off first.

If you want to make a quilt like this (or if I ever want to do it again), here are some of the specifications: 
*Hourglass blocks started as 6" squares and I'm not sure what they finished at.
*First border is 2" (cut measurement) strips of the more solid fabrics I had left over.
*2nd border is 1.5" strips cut, finished at 1" wide.
*Outer border started as 2" squares. Actually I did a little bit of strip piecing, just to get the fabrics for that border into pairs, then I sewed 4-patches and then added another pair to make 3x2 units. And then I didn't have enough squares so I cut a few more strips and added a few 1x3 segments in as I was piecing together the 2 long borders. Also, I didn't do the math to make the squares in this border fit on the quilt exactly right.
*The solid is a quilter's only solid from JA, can't remember the name right now.
*Finished measurements of the top are about 43"x47".
photo shoot fun
my big boy :)
In other news, we are ready for the next big step in our relocating adventure. Tomorrow morning, the moving truck is bringing all our things (that we said goodbye to on September 15) to the home we are renting. We are looking forward to having more light, more space, and a shorter walk from parking to the front door. And of course we are excited to have all our things back too. I am looking forward to seeing my colorful dishes, my kitchenaid, and my fabric/sewing machines. I'm most looking forward to settling down and hopefully feeling like we are home after all these months of the upheaval that comes with moving.


  1. Very cute and cheerful quilt! I hate pinked edges. HATE THEM! :)
    I Hope everything goes smoothly with your move and with your unpacking.

  2. I love this quilt! Good luck with the move tomorrow!

  3. What a great quilt! There's s many things going on with the different borders. Great job.

  4. Love this quilt. I am a big fan of American Jane!

  5. I like the new haircut--looks great!!! Send pictures of the new house.

  6. Daniel,

    Looking good. That is a great haircut. Buddy you are getting TALL

    Grandpa Tim

  7. Love love love your quilt! That is some of my very favorite fabric!

    Happy moving!

  8. I like your quilt! I love the bright colours. Have fun setting up house again.

  9. I like the fabrics, too! Pinked edges are a problem.. I never quite know what to do with them either. Your capable assistant did a good job holding the quilt for photography.

  10. It's a great quilt and I can see why it reminds you of your Grandmother. Good luck on the move! I'm sure it will feel wonderful to have all your things back together.

  11. Wow Wow WOW, I love the colors Vicki! And hooray for the return of you stuff, this will help you make a house your home!

  12. beautiful quilt! happy unpacking :)

  13. I LOVE that quilt! So pretty and cheerful! Perfect for the dreary PNW winters.

  14. wonderful! I agree it is very cheerfully colored!

  15. Your quilt is awesome! The outtake is hilarious.
    Daniel (\/)


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