Saturday, September 04, 2010

Let's go, Royals!

let's go Royals!
A few months ago, my husband and boys went to a free t-shirt Royals game... and all the shirts were men's size XL. I cut the boys' shirts apart so I could remake them to fit them, and then got busy with vacation and other summer things. My parents are here visiting us for a few days, and one of the things they wanted to do was go to a Royals' game, so I finally made the t-shirts! It was fun to make a clothing project, especially one that finished up quickly. I just used t-shirts from their drawers as a general pattern; I love how they turned out! They wore them to the game last night--we stayed through all 11 innings only to see the Tigers score 4 runs at the end, and beat the Royals. We did enjoy the fireworks afterward though!
gathered clutch #1
I finally made my first gathered clutch last week, too. I've had my eye on that tutorial for a while; I'm glad I finally made one! The zipper ends gave me a bit of trouble; I hope that part gets easier when I make my next one.
scrappy selvedge gift tags
And, here are some selvedge gift tags I made to send with my quilt for DQS9. I sent it off on Thursday and can't wait for my partner to get her package! (I'm watching the mail for mine, too.)


  1. Very cute clutch! I like your fabric choices.

  2. That is all very cute. I tried the same gathered clutch and it did not go well, but I want to try again. I think the problem was caused by user error! LOL. The cute tags you made would also be great bookmarks if they were a little longer. I may try that idea out too.


  3. these are great. i love the fabric you used for the clutch....and the tags are awesome.

  4. I love the t-shirts. (and my grand kids).


    Grandpa Tim

  5. Your gathered clutch turned out darling, I have been thinking about making one sometime too. The zipper does kind of keep me from attempting one though.

  6. Did you stitch the material to the tag card? I have an embroidered verse that I want to make in a book mark but wasn't sure how to go about finishing it up. Imput from anyone would be great! Thanks Sarah

  7. Clothed in Scarlet--yes, I sewed the fabric to the cards. I sewed the fabric pieces to each other first.


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