Wednesday, September 15, 2010

fall project thoughts

fallish fabrics
I just pulled these fabrics. I had an idea for something fall-ish and at first thought I would need to go buy a fall charm pack or something, then I went and looked through my fabric and found these. I'm not sure about the greens in there. I'm trying not to start new projects but I might not be able to resist this one... it should be quick, at least.

thrift store finds
And these are some of the shirts I got at the thrift store last week. The "2" and the striped shirts will be for a scrappy birthday shirt for next month's birthday girl. The A-Ni-Mal! shirt, well, I'll do something similar, later, for my 6-year-old. It's perfect for him.


  1. What great colors!! And I'd love to see what you do with the shirts. A scrappy shirt? I'm not sure if I know what that is, but it sounds fun. :)


  2. Love your fall fabric stash finds, I like the greens mixed in with the other colors. I have not seen a scrappy shirt either can't wait;)

  3. I would say keep the green, not that you asked for opinions :-). When I do something for fall I end up with too much orangey fabs, so the green lightens it up nicely.

  4. i love the animal shirt!!! that is so cool! and gorgeous colors you pulled....i like the green in there.

  5. I have to say that i like the green with your fall colors.
    But What is a Scrappy Birthday shirt???
    love you blog!!!

  6. The 6 year old is definitely an animal. His older brother--Beaker.

  7. I hope you have at least a half yard of that orange fabric in the first photo. It's great. Nice fall colors.


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